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Trane Central Air Conditioner Reviews & Prices 2021

This is a full review of Trane central air conditioners in 2021.

This is a full review of Trane central air conditioners in 2021.

I’ve got a special interest in air conditioners. And I have been following Trane HVAC reviews and trends for more than 12 years.

These impartial Trane air conditioner reviews will help you choose the most suitable option for your home. Any air-con system has pros and cons, including top brands like Trane.

Remember that Trane is a premium brand, but, like all brands, they offer a variety of unit options for your home. Like Carrier and other top brands, you get models with three performance stages for cooling. There are also very good heat pump options.

The most important thing is to ensure that your new air conditioner is suitable for your home and the climate where you live. 

I have designed my Trane air conditioner reviews to help you choose the best option for you and your home. So, read on!

Trane Air Conditioner Unique Features and Pros

My Trane AC reviews show that Trane air conditioners have many unique features and amazing pros.

Their air conditioners got the highest score in the Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted HVAC Brand study every year from 2015 to 2020. That’s impressive for any system!

Some Pros

Energy Star

Almost all are Energy Star qualified. That, for me, is a must. But why?

Because heating and cooling can cost half of the total energy you use in your home. That’s according to the Energy Star website, not me. This is why it’s so important to invest in an energy-efficient system that suits your climate and results in adequate cooling. 

The XR 13 is the only air conditioner Trane offers that isn’t Energy Star qualified. But it’s still a good choice for a home in a warmer climate where energy loads aren’t heavy.


Trane manufactures nine basic models with similar features for your home. Two are variable-speed air conditioners that boast the best performance Trane offers. Two offer a two-stage system, and the rest are single-stage models. All offer value for your home.

Different units vary according to performance and their SEER rating. The sound factor, cooling stages, and energy savings also vary.

Spin Fin Coil

All except one air conditioner they manufacture has a Spine Fin coil that enables faster cooling. This is a huge plus. The AC that doesn’t have this type of coil is the side discharge model. Instead, it comes with a plate fin that has a smaller surface area.


The HVAC field or tonnage refers to the cooling (not the heating) capacity of air conditioners. The higher the tonnage, the more stages or speeds the machine will have. Choose with care.

Superior Compressor

Trane 2- and 3-ton air conditioners have a 500-stage compressor. The 4-ton machines have 650, and a 5-ton unit has 700 stages. So, the greater the capacity, the higher the cooling efficiency of the unit and the system will be.

Pictures featured here are copyright of Trane, all rights reserved.

Trane Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

They design these top quality air conditioners for the greatest efficiency. They operate with variable speed, so they offer more comfort and efficiency.

A unique feature I must point out in my Trane HVAC reviews is that you will never feel too hot or too cold between cycles of this type of system. These superior Trane air conditioners have up to 750 stages or levels of speed. This makes temperature shifts hardly noticeable.

They also use very little electricity. This is a true bonus!

Additionally, the machines run at lower speeds for longer. Temperature control is more advanced and humidity is lower. Sound is reduced to a minimum, so you get very little noise. And filtration is increased to a maximum.

The best air conditioners also offer the lowest possible cost per minute to run.

Features of Trane Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

There are two models, the top-of-the-range XV20i and the XV18. They offer 70% of capacity cooling.

XV20i XV20i 


Features they share include communicating technology and high SEER ratings:

  • ComfortLink II capability  The ComfortLink ii communicating controls enable the thermostat, and indoor and outdoor HVAC system units to communicate with each other. This maximizes efficiency, reliability, and comfort.
  • Climatuff variable-speed  compressor.  This is the heart of Trane TruComfort technology. It adjusts itself automatically to maintain constant comfort that is consistent. After installation, you just sit back and relax.
  • Compressor Sound insulators.  These reduce the operating noise levels of the system to between 57 and 75 decibels (dB[A]).  
  • Exclusive all-aluminum Spine Fin woven coils.  Much more reliable than normal copper or aluminum coils, the Spine Fin coil increases heat transfer and airflow. It also guards against leaks and corrosion.

The XV20i features an attractive, polycarbonate WeatherGuard III top. This protects the internal components. It also ensures that the heating and cooling mechanism is reliable.

The XV20i has a SEER efficiency of up to 22. The XV18 has a SEER rating of up to 18.

Trane Two-Stage Air Conditioners

There are a couple of middle-of-the-range, two-stage models, the XL18i and the XR17. 



Neither of them has Comfortlink ii capability, but they are both very good two-stage air-conditioning units.

They both feature the Climatuff compressor, although it’s a two-stage version. But they don’t have sound insulators, and their sound power levels are between 72 and 74 dB[A]. That’s about as loud as the average vacuum cleaner but quieter than a hairdryer. So, not as quiet as the variable air conditioners, but still a very good deal.

Both two-stage machines have the same SpinFin coil as the top-of-the-line units.

Both are Energy Star qualified, high-efficiency machines with a SEER of up to 18.

Trane Single-Stage Air Conditioners

There are five single-stage Trane air conditioner models. Even though their energy efficiency ratings are not as good as the more expensive models, most have a high SEER rating. One is a 16 SEER unit, while two have SEER ratings of up to 17. Only one model has a SEER under 15 (14.75). 



Here’s a rundown of what you will get.

Like the middle-of-the-range units, these don’t incorporate the communicating technology that comes with the ComfortLink II. They do all have a single-stage Climatuff Compressor. 

They don’t have a compressor sound insulator, and sound power levels range from 69 to 75 dB[A]. Again, about the same noise a vacuum cleaner makes.

The XR16 unit has a side discharge and it comes with a plate fin, not with a Trane Spine Fin coil.  It is slightly quieter than the XR16. 


XR16 side discharge AC unit

Trane Air Conditioner Cons

I scanned through lots of Trane reviews compiled by other experts. I found that the general feeling was the price factor was a major con. But you get what you pay for. Trane is an expensive brand, but it offers some of the most reliable  air conditioning system options.

In general, Trane products are more pricey, including their heat pumps and other HVAC systems.

Because they don’t use universal parts, the compressors can be expensive to repair. Also, the Spine Fin coils can be difficult to clean. They also damage more easily than other types.

You might feel that because each model has different features, this could also be a disadvantage. But to be fair, it could also be a pro because it offers you consistent high-efficiency choices.

If you want advice from the trade, ask your HVAC contractor what he thinks.

About Trane

Trane is a world leader in air conditioning systems, solutions, and services.

The brand began as a family business more than a century ago, in 1885. It became The Trane Company almost three decades later, in 1913.

The Trane family were pioneers in climate control. They started by developing an innovative low-pressure steam heating system. Then, in 1931, they developed their first air conditioner.

The next innovation was a new type of water chiller. This had a big impact on the development of large-building air conditioning systems.

American Standard Companies, Inc. bought the Trane Company in 1984. But by 2007, they allowed Trane to carry on with its highly successful integrated HVAC solutions and services.  

Ingersoll Rand (IR) bought Trane and American Standard the next year. 

Today, Trane is a world leader in creating sustainable, efficient, and comfortable environments. The company has committed to putting the planet first!

Trane believes in leading by example. Additionally, the company commits to providing opportunities for everyone.

They have also made a landmark promise to reduce a gigaton of carbine emissions from customer’s footprints. That’s a lot of harmful stuff they’re getting rid of!

Trane AC Models

I’ve put information into a table. This will make it easier for you to choose between the different Trane air conditioner models available in 2021. It will also help you identify what you will get for your money. 

Like most air conditioner ranges, Trane has organized each model in one of three tiers.

Series & Model Stages of Cooling Cooling SEER Sound Rating DB[A] Outstanding Performance
TruComfort XV20i 700 Up to 22 57 – 75 Most Efficient
TruComfort XV18 700 Up to 18 57 – 75 Quietest
XL18i 2-stage Up to 18 72 – 74
XR17 2-stage Up to 18 72 – 74
XL16i one-stage Up to 17 69 – 74
XR16 one-stage Up to 17 71 – 74
XR14 one-stage Up to 16 72 – 73 Best Value
XR13 one-stage Up to 14.75 71 – 75
XR16 side discharge one-stage Up to 17 70 – 73

As you can see, Trane has also rated their AC equipment in terms of the most efficient, the quietest, and the unit that offers the best value.

The side-discharge model is great for small spaces.

Trane AC Prices

Trane air conditioner prices are above the average cost you will pay for most other brands. But, like everything, you get what you pay for. Any Trane review will show that they last longer than other brands. You are also less likely to have mechanical problems.

Unlike many other brands, Trane includes prices of products on their website. But air conditioner prices are only estimates. This is because they are directly affected by location and the specialists who operate in different areas.

The quoted prices for the air conditioners listed in the table are for the New York City zip code, 10001. The price of units includes an average installation cost of a 3-ton unit in this area. 

Remember, the higher the tonnage, the more stages the machine will have – and the more it will cost.  

Model No. Cost of system + installation
XV20i $9,240-$15,015
XV18 $8,085-$12,705
XV18i $6,930-$10,972
XV16i $5,544-$9,072
XR17 $6,552-$10,584
XR16 $5,040-$8,064
XR14 $4,389-$6,699
XR13 Price not listed
XR16 side discharge Price not listed

Trane AC warranty

Trane has excellent heating and cooling programs for its high-efficiency products. These include heat pumps and air conditioners.

They test every system and individual unit in extreme conditions in a laboratory. The aim is to put every HVAC unit through the equivalent of five years of extreme wear and tear in a few months. That is why Trane has the confidence to offer such good deals.

But, and it’s a biggie, if you don’t have your heating or cooling equipment properly installed and maintained, this could void the warranty.

Registering Your AC Warranty

The basic warranty of Trane ACs ranges from one to 20 years. If you register within 60 days of installation, the limited base version will be longer.

It will also become a registered limited warranty without you having to pay extra. This can range from 5 years to a lifetime, depending on the product.

The company also offers an extended option. This covers the cost of parts and labor for installation.

About Trane Warranties

All air conditioners have a 10-year limited warranty on all the internal functional parts for residential use, as well as the outdoor coil.

All the machines have a Climatuff compressor. But the compressors are not all the same because they vary depending on performance. The XR units all have a 10-year limited warranty on compressors. The XV and XL units have a 12-year limited warranty on the compressor.

Trane’s longer terms on warranties apply when you buy an air conditioning unit. The company warns that base limited warranty terms may apply. Ask your dealer or contractor for more information when you buy any new equipment.

Please be aware that warranties are for residential and multi-family use only. There may be some exclusions.

Check this information with your HVAC contractor. Also, supply your name, email address, and other details as soon as possible after installation.

Who can install my Trane AC?

It is always a good idea to use a qualified HVAC contractor for installations. That’s why I love that only certified installers may sell and install Trane air conditioners. Trane trains many installers in their factory, which is a great bonus.

By using a certified contractor for installation, you know the service is reliable. There is no guarantee that a contractor who isn’t certified will get the job 100% right. And if you don’t use a certified contractor, this might impact your warranty.


Is Trane AC a good brand?

Yes, it is an excellent brand. The company uses the best possible components and they are selective about who installs their equipment. Their ACs are all Energy Star qualified, which is a good vote of confidence.

How much does a Trane AC unit cost?

It depends on the unit you buy. Some models are more expensive than others, and dealers in different areas charge different prices. Check costs with a reliable contractor in your area before you buy.

Who makes Trane air conditioners?

IR, the same company that manufactures American Standard, makes Trane air conditioners. Both these air conditioner brands rank with Carrier and Goodman in the top four.

How long does Trane AC last?

If you have a 1-, 2-, or 5-year parts warranty, or it states you have cover for 10 years, you might think your AC will only last for this period of time. But it could last you up to 20 years.

My Conclusion

Trane is one of the best brands for cooling, heating, and general HVAC equipment.

There are three different performance levels that will suit the varied needs of all homeowners. Generally, they are expensive, but they offer better value than most other brands.

The Trane products you decide to get will depend on your heating and cooling needs.

You could buy the XV20i, their foremost, top-of-the-line model. As I have explained, this is a variable speed AC unit with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of up to 22.

Or, you could buy the Trane air conditioning unit that offers the best value for cooling, the XR14. This best-priced unit has a limited SEER up to 16. But my Trane reviews show it’s an excellent single-stage air conditioner. And it will save you about 50% on energy cost.

There are seven other options.

It comes down to budget and whether you are willing to compromise. I don’t believe you can go wrong, whatever you choose.

Convinced? You can buy your Trane air conditioner here.