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Lennox Heat Pump Reviews & Prices 2021

Find out if a Lennox heat pump is right for you and your family, with my full guide in 2021.

This is our comprehensive review of Lennox heat pumps in 2021.

I’ve been reviewing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for more than a decade. So, I’ve researched the latest Lennox heat pumps to help you make the right choice for your home.

I know there are many stand-out, high-efficiency brands on the market. I also know that Lennox is one of the best. But there are lots of choices, and there are pros and cons of different models.

Also, every home and every homeowner has different heating and cooling needs.

Continue reading our Lennox heat pump reviews. I am certain our reviews and ratings will help you to find out which Lennox heat pump model and unit size is the best choice for your home.

Lennox Heat Pump Pros
Solar power for some models gives you free energy from the sun
Excellent humidity control keeps you healthy
Dual-fuel capability lets you switch between electricity and gas
The R-410A refrigerant used is environmentally responsible
Lennox Heat Pump Cons
The Lennox brand comes at a higher cost
It can be difficult to find replacement parts
Some contractors report that the units are technically complex and difficult to fix

Lennox Heat Pump Buying Guide

When choosing between Lennox heat pump series and models, there are several key factors you need to consider.

One factor is size. The size of Lennox units ranges from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. Your contractor will look at the size of your house as well as window type, insulation, and so on. This is the best way to make sure you buy the right size heat pump.

While all heat pumps cool the atmosphere when it’s hot and heat it when it’s cold, there are important options you need to be aware of.


There are two important factors you need to consider.

  • The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER)
  • The heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF)

So one first one is for cooling and the second is for cooling. Butin both cases, the higher the rating the better because you’ll pay less to run them.

The lowest SEER rating for Lennox heat pumps is 16, which is still energy efficient. The highest is 23.5, which is just short of the highest 25 SEER for the standard split systems.

The HSPF of Lennox heat pumps ranges from 10.2 to 8.2. Those with ratings of at least 8.2 HSPF qualify for the EnergyStar® label. 

So, they’re all above standard which makes them a great buying choice.

All 2020/2021 Lennox heat pumps are EnergyStar® qualified, which is another assurance they are energy efficient. 

Sound Rating

A good HVAC system will keep you cool or warm, depending on the season. It will control the humidity so you don’t get hot and sticky in summer.

But a common problem with HVAC systems and air conditioners is that they are noisy.

We rate sound in decibels (dB), and the lower the ratings the better. Lennox pumps are quiet! They range from 58 dB to 76 dB. 

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a whisper is about 30 dB and a motorcycle engine running makes a noise of about 95 dB. Normal conversation is about 60 dB

Look out for models that incorporate SilentComfort technology. They are the quietest.

Stages of Cooling

HVAC cooling products are not made equal. Like all heat pumps, the features of Lennox products vary. The way each model operates depends on the compressor that pumps refrigerant between the heat exchanger coils.

Some Lennox heat pumps incorporate a scroll compressor. This is useful when you need a partial load. It allows the compressor to pump only the refrigerant it needs to get 67% capacity.

Dual Fuel Heating

Lennox HVAC dual-fuel systems combine an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. They are ideal for colder areas that need better heating in winter. When temperatures are very low, the heat pump shuts down and the furnace takes over.

I agree that they are very energy efficient.

Variable-capacity operation

Variable speed heat pumps are the most advanced type of heat pump you get. They enable some Lennox air handler units to provide steady airflow and consistent temperatures.

They can operate at many different stages and speeds between full power and the off position.

You will get better temperature and humidity control with a variable unit. Air quality will also be better. Efficiency ratings are good and noise levels are low.


Two-stage cooling means the heat pump has a compressor that operates on two levels. It works on high for hot summer days and low for milder days.

Lennox designs split-systems that are divided between an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. And their  two-stage heat pumps incorporate a scroll compressor.

Advantages of a two-stage unit are similar to those of a variable speed unit.


A single-stage heating and cooling system has only one level of operation. It is either on, running at 100% full power, or it cycles off. This can limit efficiency and create temperature swings inside the home.

The advantage of a single-stage unit is that it is simple, affordable, and cheaper to install. But it will use more energy and humidity control is poor.

Humidity Control

The humidity control option is a unique feature of Lennox heat pumps.

Their Humiditrol system is a whole-home dehumidifier that reduces humidity levels. It gets rid of moisture in the air and offers total home comfort and air quality.

Even if you set your thermostat at a higher temperature, the Humiditrol System will ensure that you still feel comfortable.

It’s also a healthy system that doesn’t produce ozone, which can irritate our lungs.

It’s available for use with a few of the best residential Lennox split-system and variable-capacity heat pump models.

Solar Ready

The best Lennox heating and cooling system models are solar-ready. You can easily combine them with solar roof modules in a SunSource Home Energy System.

The system isn’t cheap, but you will cut your bill drastically. This, in turn, could mean federal tax credits.


Everything’s online nowadays, even info about your Lennox heat pump! That is if you have one of the models that run on the iComfort system.

Some high-efficiency Lennox heat pump models operate with the optional iComfort smart WiFi thermostat. HVAC doesn’t get better than this. Whether you’re at home or away, you can adjust the temperature online.

iComfort is a Lennox patent.

Lennox Heat Pump Reviews

There are three series of Lennox heat pumps that vary in cost and energy efficiency.

I decided to write a review on each of the 12 models listed on the Lennox website.

Let’s look at what each one offers.

Signature Series

signature series heat pump
Copyright Lennox

There are three Lennox Signature heat pumps in the series. They are all exceptionally quiet and provide a SEER rating of up to 23.5 and an HSPF of up to 10.5.

This is the series  you can use with solar panels to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. It’s a top HVAC feature you’re not going to find with other brands of heat pump.

Signature series units feature SilentComfort technology. They are also compatible with the iComfort Wi-Fi programmable thermostat

XP25 Heat Pump

The XP25 is the most precise and efficient heat pump you can buy. It has a variable capacity so it adjusts the speed at which it operates. That’s a major plus as it will reduce your power bill. 

It was one of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products three years ago in 2018, and again in 2019, and 2020

You don’t have to understand how the unit works. The bonus for you is that your environment will be more comfortable all the time.

The SEER rating of this model is up to 23.5, whs of up to 56% per year. Its sound rating is as low as 58 dB, which is quieter than a normal conversation.

When you pair an XP25 with a Signature furnace, you get dual-fuel capacity. This means you can switch between electricity and gas.

With these features, it’s not surprising that the XP25 is the most expensive of the Lennox heat pumps on the market.

XP21 Heat Pump

The XP21 is the quietest, most effective two-stage heat pump available. It’s not as quiet as the XP25, but at around 67 dB, it doesn’t make much more noise than people chatting. 

It has a SEER of up to 19.2 that can save you up to 48% in cooling energy costs in a year.

Like the XP25, it was one of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products in 2019 and 2020.

The Humiditrol System works with the XP21 and an SLP98(V) furnace. It also offers dual-fuel capacity.

SL18XP1 Heat Pump

The SL18XP1 is the quietest, most effective single-stage heat pump you can buy. It’s great for heating and cooling on a par noise-wise with the XP21.

At up to 18.5, the SEER is a little lower than the XP21, but you can still save as much as 44% on cooling. That still translates to hundreds of dollars per year.

The SL18XP1 is compatible with the advanced control of the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat. It delivers unparalleled comfort and connectivity, whether you’re home or away. 

Elite Series

elite series heat pump
Copyright Lennox

There are five heat pumps in the current Elite Series. It’s the middle-of-the-road series, cheaper than Lennox Signature but more expensive than the Merit series.

Unit size varies and the different models have variable, multi-stage, or two-stage compressors.

XP20 Heat Pump

Highly rated, this heat pump has true variable capacity. It also boasts iComfort WiFi control features.

The most expensive heat pump in the Elite series, its cost is on a par with the XP21 and SL18XP1. But it’s up to 20 SEER rating is higher than these two units, so you can save up to 50% every year. It is also quieter than both of them.

Like the XP21, it was one of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products in 2019 and 2020.

XP16 Heat Pump

The XP16 is a multi-stage heat pump that is highly efficient. With a SEER of up to 17, you can save as much as 41% on cooling every year.

The XP16 is compatible with the Humiditrol System.

XP16XP1 Heat Pump

Exceptionally efficient, this heat pump delivers great comfort, even though it is single-stage.

Like the XP16, you can expect to save up to 41% on cooling per year.

EL15XP1 Heat Pump

Bottom of the Elite range, this beauty delivers quiet, efficient comfort. At 38%, the cooling savings on this unit are not as good, but they’re not bad.

XP14 Heat Pump

Another efficient single-stage heat pump that performs quietly, this model has a 9 5 HSPF.

Merit Series

merit series heat pump
Copyright Lennox

The Merit Series offers the most affordable new unit produced by Lennox.

There are four options, all of which are above average for effective cooling and comfort.

16HPX Heat Pump

This heat pump is affordable and provides effective cooling. Like the XP14, it has a 9 5 HSPF, but its SEER rating is higher  – up to 17 vs 16.

It also incorporates SilentComfort technology, which makes it the quiet of the Merit series.

ML16XP1 Heat Pump

A highly efficient unit, this single-stage heat pump is economical too. Its SEER is the same as the 16HPX, but its HSPF is slightly higher at 9.8.

ML14XP1 Heat Pump

Expect this unit to deliver affordable, effective comfort.

14HPX Heat Pump

I have to agree with most Lennox 14HPX heat pump reviews. They show that this is an affordable option that delivers high efficiency. It also incorporates SilentComfort technology.

Lennox Heat Pump Warranty

It’s helpful to know that all the Lennox heat pump units we have included have warranties that last for 10 or 5 years. It depends on the series.

Lennox offers a limited warranty of 10 years on covered components for the Signature Series. This includes the heat pump compressor.

There is a 10-year limited warranty on Elite compressors and a 5-year warranty on covered components. It may be possible to get 10-year limited extended warranty coverage. So ask your dealer when you buy a Lennox product.

The Merit Series has a limited warranty on covered components, including the compressor.  This lasts for five years. The limited extended warranty that lasts for 10 years is also a possibility.

There is also a limited 5-year warranty on the covered components in the Humiditrol system.

Lennox Heat Pump Models

The table below will help you evaluate different Lennox product types.

Series & Model Stages of Cooling Cooling SEER Heating HSPF Sound Rating Other Features
Signature XP25 Variable Up to 23.5 Up to 10.2 As low as 58 dB SilentComfort Solar ready iComfort
Signature XP21 Multi Up to 19.2 Up to 9.7 As low as 67 dB SilentComfort Solar ready iComfort
Signature SL18XP1 Single Up to 18.5 Up to 10.2 As low as 67 dB SilentComfort Solar ready iComfort
Elite XP20 Variable Up to 20 Up to 10 As low as 65 dB SilentComfort iComfort
Elite XP16 Multi Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 74 dB SilentComfort
Elite EL16XP1 Single Up to 17 Up to 9.8 As low as 71 dB
Elite 15XP1 Single Up to 16 Up to 9 As low as 71 dB
Elite XP14 Single Up to 16 Up to 9.5 As low as 71 dB SilentComfort
Merit 16HPX Multi Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 74 dB SilentComfort
Merit ML16XP1 Single Up to 17 Up to 9.8 As low as 76 dB
Merit ML14XP1 Single Up to 16 Up to 9 As low as 76 dB
Merit 14HPX Single Up to 16 Up to 8.2 As low as 76 dB SilentComfort

Lennox Heat Pump Prices

Lennox doesn’t list its prices on its website. They say that a professional dealer must assess your needs and quote according to these. They do, though, give a comparative rating that shows, within a range, what sort of cost you can expect, from $-$$$$.

The higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more expensive any heat pump will be. Here are some examples, starting with the Lennox XP14 heat pump price:

  • Lennox XP14 price $$
  • Lennox 14HPX price $
  • Lennox XP25 price $$$$
  • Lennox XP16 price $$
  • Lennox XP20 price $$$
  • Lennox XP21 price $$$


About Lennox

Dave Lennox founded the company in 1895. He built the first riveted steel furnace and pioneered furnace heating. By 1952 he was producing air conditioners. Heat pumps came later, but his innovation continues today.

Lennox heat pump maintenance

Lennox emphasizes how important heat pump maintenance is. But they don’t handle maintenance. This is the responsibility of your Lennox dealer who has the skill and experience to keep your system running efficiently.

How long does a Lennox heat pump last?

Your Lennox warranty is a good sign of the minimum time your heat pump will last. They usually outlive the warranty! Don’t forget to supply your name, email, and other details when you register your heat pump.

Is Lennox a good HVAC brand?

Lennox is a top HVAC brand. They offer lots of heat pump choices.


Lennox is a very old, established company that started more than two centuries ago. Their three residential heat pump series offer options for everyone. 

Your choice of Lennox heat pump product will depend on your local HVAC needs as well as cost. You also need to find a balance between energy and furnace costs.

If you’ve got the budget, there’s no doubt that the XP25 is a winner in any environment. 

If your needs are less demanding, or you feel the need to compromise, there are choices we have identified. 

In cold or very cold areas, you could use a Lennox air conditioner plus a furnace. But we prefer the Lennox SL18XP1 heat pump option. It’s quiet, effective, delivers unparalleled comfort, and it’ll save you money. 

In hot areas, the XP25, XP21, or XP20 are all good choices. The XP21 is a little cheaper, but it doesn’t have the solar option. Also, its warranty isn’t quite as good.  

All the Lennox top-of-the-range units can be operated with solar power. This sets them apart from all the other brands. Humidity control with these units is also tops. 

If you’re on a really tight budget, we recommend any of the four Merit series heat pump models. 

You can buy your Lennox heat pump here.