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Carrier Heat Pump Prices and Reviews

This comprehensive Carrier heat pump review will tell you everything about the brand and its heat pumps before you buy.

If you know a little about HVAC then I’m sure you’ve heard of Carrier already.

The American Carrier Global Corporation has been a global leader in the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry for more than 100 years.

In fact, it was Willis Carrier who invented modern air conditioning more than 100 years ago, in 1902.

They offer trusted solutions for a wide range of heating and cooling products. These include residential and commercial systems as well as transport and commercial refrigeration.

In this Carrier heat pump review, we are going to focus on residential options for heating and cooling and humidity control.

Carrier Heat Pump Pros
A leader in the industry for more than 100 years
A wide range of products to choose from
Energy-efficiency is a trademark of the brand
Products incorporate advanced proprietary technologies
10-year parts warranty
Carrier Heat Pump Cons
Carrier doesn’t advertise it’s prices online
Their heat pumps have a limited warranty on parts

What to Consider Before Buying a Carrier Heat Pump

Before you buy any type of HVAC system, you need to know what the heat pump offers.

  • What is its capacity for cooling and heating?
  • Does it have a quiet operation?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • Is price an issue?

Whether you are looking for comfort features, humidity control, sound performance, or energy savings, we will help you rank all the Carrier models in each series. That way you will be able to assess the features and benefits of the different types.

A heat pump will move heat out of your home in summer and pull it inside in winter. People living in places where the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing  will often find a heat pump particularly useful.

Before you make a choice, you need to decide which features are most important for your lifestyle. One thing that heat pumps manufactured by Carrier have in common is energy efficiency.

Other primary features vary according to:

  • performance
  • comfort
  • operation
  • economy

Features & Benefits of Carrier Heat Pumps

Carrier electric air source heat pumps are versatile heating and cooling products that use an air handler to move heat from one area to another. In summer they move the heat outside and in winter they move it inside with a condenser fan motor.

Their heat pump range incorporates different scroll compressor types (see the table below that shows all the models.)

We are going to compare the features and benefits of Carrier heat pumps. This will help you decide which heat pump unit offers the best options for your needs. It will also help you assess the effectiveness of the HVAC system.

Carrier produces some of the best HVAC systems available. Their heat pumps have some amazing qualities and benefits that set them apart from their competitors. For example:

  • Greenspeed Intelligence that you cannot beat.
  • Impressive noise reduction with ultra-low noise ratings.
  • Remarkable hybrid heat systems. These combine two types of heating technology into a single heat pump unit.

But it’s important to compare what each model in the different series offers to make sure you get the best deal.

So, first, we’ll talk about the top-notch Premium Infinity Series Greenspeed heat pumps. Then we’ll look at the other Infinity system models.

After that we’ll discuss the benefits of the Enhanced Performance and Standard Comfort Series heat pumps.

All models are available in different sizes to suit most homes.

A Carrier heat pump specialist will be able to tell you which will be the best for your home’s HVAC system.  The smaller your home the smaller the pump should be. They range from 1.5 ton to 4 and 5-ton units.  

We will talk about prices later on. But irrespective of price, all models carry a limited 10-year warranty on parts. This is valid for the original owner living in the home. If the warranty isn’t registered within 90 days of purchase, the warranty period reduces to 5 years.

Note that images are copyright of Carrier, all rights reserved.

Carrier Greenspeed Reviews

The Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence system combines several features that offer exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, and low operating costs.

These include multi-speed, electronically commutated motors (ECM) with advanced blower motor efficiency. They also have compressors with variable speeds and advanced controls.  

There are two top-of-the-range Infinity series heat pumps with this system. Both are Energy Star certified.

Infinity 24 Heat Pump

This is the best, most advanced model available. It has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 24 which makes it very energy efficient. The higher the better!

It also has premium comfort features. Temperature control is precise for maximum comfort. Humidity control is excellent, removing up to 400% more moisture than any other standard HVAC system.

It also has a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) up to 13 for exceptional energy savings. Also, the higher the better!

It has a variable speed compressor and the design includes the Carrier Silencer System II. There is also a sound blanket that blocks the usual noise we hear when a heat pump is operating. We love that this unit hardly makes a sound.

Infinity 20 Heat Pump

This acclaimed heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence is also very quiet and cheap to run, as 96 reviews on the Carrier website show. It has a  20 5 SEER which is great for energy efficiency and comfort.

Like the Infinity 24, it has up to 13 HSPF and a variable speed compressor.

It has premium comfort features and humidity control.

Sound performance is excellent as it includes a compressor sound blanket and the Carrier Silencer System II design that cuts noise levels. 

You can learn about cost when we talk about the Carrier Infinity Greenspeed price below.

Premium Infinity Series

Besides the Carrier Greenspeed heat pump models, there are another three Infinity heat pumps. They all have the exceptional qualities for heating and cooling provided by the Infinity system.

Benefits relate to energy efficiency, comfort, and both humidity and temperature control.

All three are certified by Energy Star.

Infinity 18VS Heat Pump

A major benefit of this superior heat pump is that it steps down in five stages to run at only 25% of its capacity. This is nice because it makes a big difference in comfort levels. It also makes it quieter and more effective at removing humidity when it’s hot.

We found that it is also a lot better than a two-stage unit at keeping temperatures even.

This heat pump has a SEER rating of up to 19 and up to 11 HSPF for saving energy. The compressor sound blanket and the Silencer System design are super-efficient.

It is also possible to upgrade this unit to include an air purifier.

Infinity 16 Heat Pump

This Infinity 16 heat pump provides two-stage compressor comfort together with heating, cooling, and energy efficiency. Its SEER rating is up to 17. HSPF is up to 9.5.

It also boasts convenient system-management features.

You can add an Infinity furnace that has a variable-speed blower motor. This will convert it into an energy-smart Hybrid Heat system for comfort all year round. 

Infinity 16 Coastal Heat Pump

Designed for coastal areas, this heat pump features up to 17.5 SEER to save energy. It also helps to improve the performance the heat pump offers. 

All its other advantages match those of the Infinity 16 model above.

All five of the Infinity heat pump models featured have a 10-year parts limited warranty.

Enhanced Performance Series

This series of heat pumps boast flexible, efficient performance. It offers quiet comfort and superior control of humidity, heating, cooling, and temperature.

Performance series heat pumps offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for saving energy long-term.

Performance 16 Heat Pump

There are two Performance 16 heat pumps in the Carrier Enhanced Performance Series. The best in this series, one has a SEER rating of up to 17 and the other, up to 16. Both models have up to 9.5 HSPF, save energy, and produce standard comfort levels.

Both are compatible with the carrier Hybrid Heat system. This means they will save you on heating and not only on air conditioning. They are also both Energy Star certified.

These two heat pumps incorporate a compressor with two stages that add comfort and are quiet. The compressor sound blanket also reduces noise levels.

The Performance 16 models offer standard humidity control. If you want more advanced humidity control, an air conditioner (aircon) with a two-stage compressor may be more suitable.with a two-stage compressor may be more suitable.

Performance 15 Heat Pump

This Performance model has up to 16 SEER and 9 HSPF. So it’s not as efficient as the 16. It has all the other benefits mentioned above except that it isn’t Energy Star certified. 

Performance 14 Heat Pump

The cheapest Performance heat pump in the series, the Performance 14 has a 14 SEER and up to 8.2 HSPF. This provides standard comfort and results in a moderate energy saving.

We love the small footprint of this model which you can install as close as six inches from your house. You can also place it on the roof, or stack it in housing complexes where lots of families live. 

It’s a quiet machine with a compressor sound blanket to dull any noise. Comfort and humidity levels are standard. An aircon unit with a two-stage compressor will be a better bet if you want better humidity control.

An added bonus is that it is Energy Star certified. 

All the Performance models carry a limited 10-years warranty on parts.

Standard Comfort Series

The Standard Comfort Series is the most cost-effective heat pumps made by Carrier. They are especially suitable for warm and cold weather conditions. 

The heat pumps in this series are simple to operate and budget-friendly. They are all one-stage units.

Comfort 15 Heat Pump

The Carrier Comfort 15 is efficient, affordable, and reliable to run. It is the best in this series, cooling your home in summer and heating it when it gets cold.

It is the only Comfort model that is Energy Star certified. The SEER is up to 15 SEER and HSPF up to 8.5. If you pair it with the right indoor furnace or air handler, you will boost the SEER and make it even more energy efficient.

This heat pump model is quiet when it operates. Comfort features are standard.

Like all other Carrier models, it has a 10 years parts warranty.

Comfort 14 Heat Pump

These Carrier reviews feature two Comfort 14 heat pumps.

Both models are up to 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF and are 4-ton units. They also both have standard comfort and humidity control. Carrier suggests installing an aircon unit with a two-stage compressor to have better humidity control.

But the standard Comfort 14 model has a quieter operation than the coastal model. They both have the same 10 years parts warranty.

Carrier Heat Pump Models

The table below lists the heat pump models in all three of the Carrier series. All are featured on their website with technical specification sheets and other detailed information.

Use the table to review these Carrier models’ heating, cooling, energy efficiency, and other features. Sounds levels show that they all have a quiet operation, although some are quieter than others. 

Series & Model Cooling SEER Heating HSPF Sound Level (decibels) Compressor Sound Blanket &/or Silencer System II Compressor Type Energy Star
Infinity 25VNA4 Up to 24 Up to 13 As low as 51 Both Speed – Variable Certified
Infinity 25VNA0 Up to 20.5 Up to 13 As low as 58 Both Speed – Variable Certified
Infinity 25VNA8 Up to 19 Up to 11 As low as 55 Both Five-stage Certified
Infinity 25HNB6 Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 67 Both Two-stage Certified
Infinity 25HNB6**C Up to 17.5 Up to 9.5 As low as 67 Both Two-stage Certified
Performance 25HCB6 Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 70 Neither Two-stage Certified
Performance 25HCC5 Up to 16 Up to 9 As low as 68 Sound blanket Single-stage Certified
Performance 25HHA4 Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 69 Sound blanket Single-stage Not certified
Performance 25HPB6 Up to 16 Up to 9.5 As low as 67 Sound blanket Single-stage Certified
Comfort 25HBC5 Up to 15 Up to 8.5 As low as 69 Neither Single-stage Certified
Comfort 25HCE4 Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 69 Neither Single-stage Not certified
Comfort 25HCE**C Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 72 Neither Single-stage Not certified

Carrier offers a lot of choices, but your choice will depend on your heating and cooling needs. 

The very best models are the Infinity 25VNA4 and 25VNA0, both of which are Carrier Greenspeed units. We recommend them for homeowners who are willing to pay for the very best heat pumps on the market. 

All the Infinity models are great for consumers who want a system that is as close to silent as possible. They all incorporate the Carrier Silencer System and a compressor sound blanket. The 25VNA8 has the added bonus of a five-stage compressor that allows the machine to run at 25% capacity. 

If affordability is your main issue, the three Comfort models are the most cost-effective options.

Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Prices

It’s difficult to find prices for Carrier heat pumps online. The company doesn’t advertise its prices because they say there are so many factors that influence costs. 

As they say, you will have to get a price from a local dealer together with an installation cost.

according to Carrier, the installed cost will be anything between $3,000 and $15,000, possibly even more.

A 5-ton unit will be more expensive than smaller units. And Carrier Infinity heat pump prices will be higher than the prices of the other series models.


  • Is Carrier a good heat pump?

Yes, Carrier heat pumps are excellent. Carrier has been an industry leader for more than a century. They offer a range of superior heat pumps that range in price and capability. They are a very choice for a home HVAC system.

  • How long do Carrier heat pumps last?

All Carrier heat pumps carry a 10-year warranty on parts. This means that you can expect your Carrier HVAC unit to last at least 10 years. If a part breaks or stops working, they will replace it.

  • Why does Carrier only offer a warranty on parts?

The company doesn’t offer a labor warranty because they cannot be responsible for the workmanship of people from other companies.

Our Conclusions

Heat pumps are versatile for heating and cooling, and for controlling the humidity inside your home. They incorporate a fan motor that moves the heat depending on conditions.

In summer the motor moves heat out of your home, and in winter it pulls it in.

The result is a comfortable temperature inside regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

The Carrier brand offers three series, each with three or four models. They all offer superior energy efficiency and sound levels that range from about 72 decibels to as low as 51 decibels.

The brand also offers a hybrid heating system that combines two heating technologies into a single unit.

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