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York Air Conditioner Reviews & Prices in 2021

Before you buy a York central air conditioner, make sure you read our review.

This is a comprehensive review of York central air conditioners available in 2021.

I’ve been in the air conditioning industry for more than 12 years, and I like to keep up-to-date with trends and new products. So, I am going to help you decide which is the best model, unit, and/or system for your home.

I have researched the brand thoroughly. I am sure that you will find my York Air Conditioner reviews very helpful for any size home.

About York – Are York, Luxaire, and Coleman the Same?

York is an old, established brand that was founded in 1874. Today, their heating and cooling HVAC equipment is in some of the world’s most iconic structures. These include the Empire State Building, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Sydney Opera House.

Johnson Controls,  a Fortune 100 company, bought York in 2006. The air conditioner brand is now one of several AC brands that they manufacture.

Johnson Controls is one of the largest and oldest companies that manufactures HVAC systems. They also manufacture Luxaire and Coleman air conditioners.

The three brands are the same, including their size and features. It is their names, their logos, and badging that are different.

So, if you read York central air conditioner reviews, you might find that they are very like Luxaire and Coleman reviews.

For instance, all three incorporate heating air conditioning features. When it’s cold in winter you can use York, Luxaire, and Coleman AC units to warm the air in your home.

They also all produce split systems. These have two cabinets. One is inside,  with the evaporator coil and an air handler. You will find the condenser and the compressor in a second cabinet. It’s an ideal option for larger homes.

Which York Central Air Conditioners are available?

York makes a few more AC models than the average manufacturer. There are currently 11 central air conditioners available from York with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating between 13 and 21. Each is available in different size categories, but with the same features.

Depending on your state’s requirements, 13 to 14 is the minimum SEER allowed. The maximum possible, using modern technology, is 21 to 25. But this doesn’t mean the HVAC equipment always runs at 21 SEER.

While the higher the SEER of an air conditioner, the better, a machine with 13 SEER is still highly energy efficient. It is also true that 14 is standard in many states.

If you can afford a York air conditioner with a 21 SEER, that’s great. But it will cost you a lot more than one that has a 13 SEER. So bear this in mind as you continue to read my York air conditioner reviews.

Also, be sure to take installation costs into account.

Other features I am going to consider include the sound levels and tonnage of units.

We measure noise levels in decibels (dB). The louder the noise, the higher the dB will be. When we talk about dBA, this is the level of noise adjusted to human hearing.

Here are some examples of the dBA of common noise. You can use these common sound levels to compare the noise your HVAC equipment might make:

  • 40 dBA is quiet and peaceful. It is the kind of noise you will experience in a library. A good quality refrigerator will operate at about 40 dBA.
  • Gentle rain or a washing machine might make noise of about 50 dBA.
  • You can expect normal conversation to be about 60 dBA.
  • Most vacuum cleaners operate at sound levels of around 70 dBA. It’s the same level of sound you can expect to hear in a busy street.
  • When the dBA reaches 80, it will  be difficult to have a conversation. This is the kind of noise an alarm clock makes.

York air conditioning units have noise levels that reach a maximum of between 53 and 74.

The tonnage determines how much heat the unit can remove from your home in an hour. The higher the tonnage, the more efficient the York equipment is likely to be.

You can ask your HVAC contractor to suggest the ideal tonnage for your home and the local climate where you live. He will also take cost into account.

Here is a rundown of the York air conditioner units that are available right now. You will see that there are two different series, each with its own models and features.

The Affinity Series

There are two models in this series, the variable-speed YXV and the two-stage YXT. Both offer a choice of size.

Energy Star certifies these two York models. This means you know that the AC will keep you cool and save energy. It’s a good starting point for any HAVC unit or system.

The YXT was named an Energy Star Most Efficient Air Conditioner unit of 2018.

The YXV series was named an Energy Star Most Efficient Air Conditioner unit of 2020 and 2021. 

Both models also offer WiFi with the Affinity touch-screen thermostat control that is part of the design of their ACs.

The tonnage rate of both of them is the same. It is between 2 and 5 tons.

York Affinity YXV


This is the top-of-the-range, most expensive machine. It has an efficiency rating SEER of up to 21.

The York Affinity Series YXV also has the lowest sound levels. These are as low as 53 dBA.

York Affinity YXT

Affinity_YXT 19

The YXT 19 SEER has an efficiency range up to 19.75. Its sound levels are as low as 67 dBA. It’s a great two-stage unit. 

The LX Series

The York LX Series includes one two-stage and eight single-stage air conditioners, two of which are compact LX Series models. They all incorporate an LX / THE seven-day programmable thermostat.

The most efficient York LX models are Energy Star certified.


The YFK 17 SEER is a two-stage AC with an efficiency range up to 17.5. Its sound levels are as low as 70 dBA. 

LX_YFK-2 17

The YCG 17 SEER is a single-stage machine with an efficiency range of up to 18.5. Its sound levels are as low as 72 dBA.

The LX Series model with the lowest SEER is the YCD 13 that has an efficiency range up to 15. It is also the model with the highest dBA, with sound levels no lower than 74 dBA.

Tonnage depends on the model. The ranges are from 1.5 to 5 ton, 2 to 4 ton, and 2 to 5 ton.

Compact Models

There are two compact models, both of which are ideal for smaller homes with small yards.

Both are single-stage machines. The TCHE 14 SEER with an efficiency range up to 16 has sound levels as low as 70 dBA. The TCHD 13 also has an efficiency range up to 16 and the same sound levels.

York Air Conditioner Pros & Cons


  • Excellent warranty
  • Varied SEER options from 13 up to 21
  • Great energy and comfort management
  • Quiet operation
  • Super-efficient compressors
  • Effective dehumidifier options


  • York offers some very basic, average models
  • Cheaper units can cost more to run
  • Microchannel coils are more fragile than regular coils

Unique Features / Pros

 York ACs have many pros as well as a lot of great features. 

The ClimaSet Solution

The most unique feature of York ACs is the ClimaSet solution that can be used with Affinity and top York LX models. It maximizes energy efficiency and improves comfort levels by tuning the system with the environment.

For example, if it’s hot and humid the blower can be fine-tuned for slower, longer cycles. This condenses the humidity out of the air, making it drier and more comfortable.

ECM Condensing Unit Fan Motors

The best York ACs feature electronically commutated motors (ECM). These are more energy-efficient and much quieter than most other motors. They also run at different speeds, depending on the cooling stage used to run the machine.

ECM motors keep homeowners more comfortable, too. They provide more efficient airflow and they incorporate a compressor cloak that reduces noise levels. 

Compressor for Energy Management

Any air conditioner compressor is the key to efficiency and performance. Variable, two-stage, and single-stage ACs have a different type of compressor.

The Affinity YXV models have the best York compressors installed.

Microchannel Coils

A microchannel coil increases efficiency and, because they are small, they save space. And their environmental footprint is smaller.

The channels York makes are aluminum. They are smaller than normal and there are more of them. This produces a larger surface area for heat transfer. The result is faster, more efficient cooling!

Superior Warranties

Most companies offer a 10-year parts limited warranty on ACs. York offers this as well as a 5-year limited warranty on the thermostat.

But what is even more special, is the 1-year labor cover.

There is also a lifetime compressor warranty on Affinity machines.

York’s special protection plan is an exclusive warranty option. It will provide you with a decade of total system protection. Nothing will get deducted and you will not have any repair limitations.

I love that you don’t have to worry about any type of system failure.

Cons – Problems with York Air Conditioners

As with all brands, there is a choice of options, and every HVAC system is different.

The three 13 SEER machines are efficient, but not as efficient as the rest. Also, you will get better results in colder climates. Where it is hot, dry, and even humid, it can result in high cooling costs.

These models can also be more expensive to run.

Because the microchannel coils used in compact units are fragile, there is a risk of them leaking.

York Air Conditioner Prices

York gives an indication of price range rather than actual prices on their website. You will see from the table below that the higher the SEER rating, the higher the cost range.

You will also see that the performance the different York products offer affects cost.

Variable speed units operate continuously, but they automatically change their speed of operation when the temperature changes inside your home. They are the most expensive type.

Two-stage models incorporate a compressor that works at two speeds, high or low. They don’t cycle on and off as often as single-stage ACs do. There are two model options of this type.

Single-stage models work at only one speed only. So, they are either on or off. This happens automatically, according to the thermostat setting. When it cools down to a certain temperature, the unit switches off.  These air conditioners are the most cost-effective.

Sometimes websites publish prices of ACs and the cost of installation York series equipment. I found some prices which I have included in the table. Prices are listed by model. The size of the unit will affect installation costs.

But York doesn’t give HVAC product or installation prices to consumers. This is why it’s a good idea for you to find a local dealer and HVAC contractor and get your own personalized quotation for the system you want.

Series Model No + SEER Performance Price Range System Price Installed Price
Affinity YXV 21 Variable speed $$$$ $4,760 – $6,995 $6,100 – $9,800
Affinity YXT 19 2 stage $$$ $4,475 – $6,700 $5,950 – $9,525
L X YFK 17 2 stage $$$ $4,325 – $6,500 $5,700 – $9,300
L X YCG 17 Single Stage $$ $4,080 – $6,150 $5,335 – $8,450
L X YCS 14 Single Stage $$ $3,565 – $5,500 $4,800 – $7,350
L X YCE 14 Single Stage $$ $3,300 – $5,275 $4,565 – $7,050
L X YFE 14 Single Stage $$ $3,195 – $5,100 $4,400 – $6,885
L X YCD 13 Single Stage $ $3,000 – $4,950 $4250 – $6,600
L X YFD 13 Single Stage $ $2,850 – $4,735 $4,100 – $6,415
L X TCHE 14 Single Stage $$ $3,350 – $5,100 $4,500 – $6,825
LX TCHD 13 Single Stage $$ $3,200 – $4,925 $4,225 – $6,700

York Air Conditioner Warranty

While I was compiling these York central air conditioner reviews, I realized that the company’s warranties are amongst the best in the industry. They maintain that their standard warranties are unrivaled. I agree that they have definitely become more competitive.

A 10-year parts warranty covers all units.

There are lifetime compressor warranties on Affinity Series. So, you will score if something goes wrong with a compressor 10-years old or less.

The LX / THE thermostat carries a 5-year limited parts warranty.

Affinity units also offer a 1-year labor warranty. Most HVAC companies don’t cover labor, not even with a limited warranty!

Every warranty is factory-backed. This means that the company that built the system will do any repairs. They don’t use third-party vendors.

York also offers outstanding extended warranties for some units. These give 100% peace of mind.

Reviews York publishes show that their 10-year YORKCare Protection Plan is popular. It will get you total system protection for up to 10 years. 

How to Secure Your New York Warranty

Even though your HVAC contractor will explain how to register your system to get the warranty, here are some tips.

Whether you are eligible for a compressor warranty, a labor warranty, or a straightforward limited warranty, you must register your AC. It is important to do this within 90 days of installation. If you don’t, you will get a warranty with a shorter timeframe.

You will need to supply your name, email, and your model and serial numbers for the unit.

Who Installs York Air Conditioners?

When it comes to installation, you can use a York-certified comfort specialist or a non-certified installer.

Certified specialists come with a guarantee. But a large percentage of installation companies don’t use them.

Of course, you will want to take the installation cost into account. You can use a non-certified installer. But choose one with North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.

Also, make sure the installer has a license and insurance.


Is York a good brand air conditioner?

Yes, York is one of the top air conditioning brands. Their units are quiet, dependable, highly efficient, and reliable. 

Who makes York air conditioners?

They are made by Johnson Controls. The company also makes Luxaire and Coleman air conditioners. 

How long does a York air conditioner last?

Many air conditioners will last for 20 to 25 years. And there is no reason why a York system shouldn’t last this long. But it is vital that the unit is properly installed. 

Is York better than Carrier?

If you compare York HVAC reviews with Carrier reviews, you will find that Carrier is more energy-efficient than a York system. While York is usually ranked in the top 10 Acs, Carrier is often ranked in the top two.  


Choosing the best York air conditioner to get for your home can be a challenge. The brand offers a range of options, but you need to choose what is suitable for your home.

Cost, efficiency, size, noise levels, tonnage, and other factors into account. Warranties are also important, and York has you covered. Even labor has 1 year of cover.

A good place to start is with York HVAC reviews that cover the HVAC system that interests you. Look at independent reviews like mine as well as reviews York suggests.

I have listed pros and cons of York machines in general. I have also highlighted the best features of the two series they offer. This information will help you get the best value for money.

The York LX Series is more affordable. The Affinity Series ranks with the most efficient air conditioners on the market.

Once you know which York AC will suit your needs, you can buy it here.