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Bryant Heat Pump Reviews 2021

Our detailed Bryant heat pump reviews will help you decide which of their products will meet your needs.

Charles Bryant founded Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems more than a century ago.

Today, their products include all types of heating and cooling choices including air conditioners and heat pumps.

The company’s standards have always been high. Bryant heat pump reviews endorse that their products are the best quality as well as being reliable and durable.

Bryant also keeps ahead of changing technology and trends. They have always catered for their customers’ cooling and heating needs. And for more than 100 years they have maintained high efficiency and unbeatable standards.

The Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of their leading Evolution range are tops.

Pros & Cons of Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant Heat Pumps Pros
The HSPF energy efficiency of the Evolution Extreme 24 makes it a global leader in the HVAC market.
Their heat pumps are among the quietest in the industry.
They have a factory authorized dealer (FAD) program so you know the installation will be 100% correct.
Dependable warranty options including some extended warranties.
Bryant Heat Pumps Cons
The Evolution and Preferred models are more expensive than most heat pumps.
Heating is generally more efficient than cooling.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bryant Heat Pump

If you live in a moderate climate, a heat pump can be a good alternative to a more traditional heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.

Heat pumps transfer heat from outside to warm your home and remove it to cool the interior. They don’t generate hot or cold air. This makes the HVAC system much more energy-efficient than a traditional aircon and heater.

A heat pump will do the same job as an aircon in summer. But, if you live somewhere that gets very cold in winter, a gas furnace will be cheaper to run than a heat pump. Then, it’s usually better to install an aircon unit and a furnace. Otherwise, you can add a gas furnace to a pump and enjoy Hybrid Heat.

Before you buy a new heat pump system, consider these things:

  • The SEER range
  • HSPF range
  • Noise level
  • Humidity control
  • Speed of operation
  • Compressor type
  • Fan motor type
  • Whether the unit is Energy Star qualified/certified
  • What warranty is available

Features and Benefits of Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant’s heat pump range has some great features and benefits. Regardless of size, like Carrier and American Standard, their HVAC units are often awarded Energy Star’s Most Efficient title.

There are three product lines, the Bryant Evolution System, the Preferred Series, and the Legacy Line. Every model and size has great benefits and features.

The top-of-the-range System performs well and is extremely efficient. The high-quality Preferred models are flexible. They let you control your heating and cooling needs throughout the year. The Legacy Line is the most affordable range Bryant offers.

We are going to compare the three product lines to help you decide which of the brands is best for your needs.

Note that all the images used here are copyright of the Bryant company. All rights reserved.

Bryant Evolution Heat Pump Reviews

The Bryant Evolution brand is the best you can get. Five different models include the best heat pump ever!

Their heating and cooling qualities and performance are excellent. All have a high SEER between up to 24 and 20 5 to 17, and a 9 5 to 13 HSPF rating. They also all boast the AeroQuiet System ii design. This makes them virtually noiseless.

Bryant heat pump reviews say they aren’t any louder than a regular refrigerator when they run. That’s because the AeroQuiet System II design has a compressor sound blanket.

Humidity control is top notch and even better with the variable models.

Every model can be converted to a Hybrid Heat system by combining a furnace with the heat pump.

Most models meet the Energy Star guidelines for high efficiency. They also use environmentally friendly, next-generation, Puron refrigerant.

They all have a limited 10-year parts warranty. The best in the range has an extra warranty that covers unit replacement. It is possible to extend some warranties. See the table under Model Numbers below.

Extreme 24 Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Extreme 24 Variable-Speed Heat Pump
Copyright Bryant

Named one of the Most Efficient of Energy Star in 2020, this Bryant heat pump is one of their best HVAC products. It has a SEER up to 24, an HSPF rating up to 13, and it is ultra-quiet. Depending on the model, it is 50% quieter than other manufacturers’ brands.

Testing shows that in worst-case situations it removes up to 400% more moisture than standard HVAC systems. This is extreme humidity control!

The compressor type is variable, which results in exceptional energy efficiency. Lower speed cycles save money too.

The size of the unit varies, depending on capacity, which can be 2 to 5 ton.

An air purifier comes with this HVAC unit.

The ten-year warranty on this high-performance heat pump includes unit replacement.

Extreme Variable Speed

Extreme Variable Speed
Copyright Bryant

Energy Star identifies this model as Bryant’s top-of-the-line pump. Their reviewers recognize this model’s top-rate performance and superior design.

The level of cooling and heating it offers is almost unheard of in a split system pump like this one. Bryant calls it next-level performance compared to most other split system heat pumps.

It has a variable-speed operation and intelligent system control that produces premium comfort and saves energy.

Its HSPF efficiency is up to 13 and it has a 20 5 SEER. It is exceptionally quiet at low speeds down to 58 dB when cooling and 62 dB when heating.

Variable Speed Heat Pump

bryant Variable Speed Heat Pump
Copyright Bryant

This is a small-size heat pump that uses inverter technology and a variable rotary compressor.

It has a SEER efficiency up to 19 and HSPF up to 11. It runs even more quietly than the previous model featured.

Another of the ultra-quiet Bryant products, this pump produces an even temperature. We love its dehumidification performance, especially the way it manages humidity levels in summer.

Although this pump is designed as part of the Evolution system, it is compatible with two-stage thermostats. You can also use it with indoor products that are suitable for a two-stage operation. What a bonus!

2-Stage Coastal Heat Pump

2-Stage Coastal Heat Pump
Copyright Bryant

Designed for use at the coast, this 2-stage heat pump is great wherever the salty atmosphere is corrosive. The secret here is Bryant’s Coastal TuffCoat that adds protection.

It is a reliable machine that provides up to 17 SEER efficiency and up to 9 5 HSPF heating.

Like the other heat pumps in this series, it ensures temperatures are consistent and comfortable. It manages humidity very well and its performance is noticeably quiet. The noise level range varies from 60 to 69 dB.

2-Stage Heat Pump

The bottom of the top-of-the-range is also an amazing 2-stage machine. With a 17 SEER and up to 9 5 HSPF, it meets all the Energy Star guidelines for the best efficiency in all models.

Its proven performance is great in summer and in winter.

Bryant Preferred Series

This series is middle-of-the-road for the products that Bryant offers. But it is a top brand in the marketplace.

A major benefit is that its heating and cooling ability is flexible throughout the seasons. So, you can be sure that your home will be comfortable in summer and winter, no matter how hot or cold it is.

You have a choice between single-stage, 2-stage, and compact units.

All of them have the advantage of Wi-Fi remote access for programming and control via the Bryant Housewise thermostat. They can also all operate with a Hybrid Heat system for constantly efficient heat.

The capacity of this series ranges from 1.5 to 5 ton.

The standard limited warranty on all models in this series is ten years on parts.

See the table below for SEER, HSPF, and sound ratings.

Preferred 2-Stage Heat Pump

Preferred 2-Stage Heat Pump
Copyright Bryant

This heat pump is high on the review ratings even though it isn’t Bryant’s premier brand.

It operates quietly and provides consistent and reliable comfort day in and day out, all year round.

Preferred Single-Stage Heat Pumps

Preferred Single-Stage Heat Pumps
Copyright Bryant

There are two models, one with a SEER cooling efficiency of up to 17 and the other up to 16. The HSPF of the 17 is 9.5 and the other has an HSPF of up to 9.

Both are quiet and reliable.

Preferred Compact Heat Pump

Preferred Compact Heat Pump
Copyright Bryant

This compact model is quiet and perfect for small spaces in the house and around patios and decks. You can also install it up to only six inches from the outside, which is a huge advantage.

A standout benefit is that it is stackable for use in multi-unit housing.

The Bryant Housewife thermostat will improve humidity control

Bryant Legacy Line

Bryant Legacy Line
Copyright Bryant

Bryant’s Legacy Line of superior heat pumps are all single-stage. While they are similar and look the same, there are important differences. These are detailed in the table below.

Like the Preferred brand, the Legacy series also has a coastal heat pump that is designed to resist corrosion from the salty sea air.

While there is a minor difference in efficiency ratings, this line is consistent. Like Preferred, they offer Wi-Fi remote access.

The three models currently featured on the Bryant website (see table below) have a varied capacity from 1 to 5 ton units. This, of course, determines size.

Although it is highly rated in heat pump reviews, the Bryant 2 ton 15 SEER Legacy model is not currently included on the company’s website.

The Legacy Line is also the most affordable of the three Bryant heat pump options.

Bryant Heat Pump Model Numbers

The three Bryant heat pump series all have model numbers as you can see from the table below. It is useful to know these numbers when you search on the internet, or on the Bryant website, for more information.

Series & Model Cooling SEER Heating HSPF Sound Level (decibels) Compressor Type Energy Star 10-year Limited Warranty
Evolution 284ANV Up to 24 Up to 13 As low as 51 Variable Most Efficient 2020 Parts & unit replacement
Evolution 280A Up to 20.5 Up to 13 As low as 58 Variable Most Efficient 2020 Parts
Evolution 288BNV Up to 19 Up to 11 As low as 55 Variable Some sizes qualify Parts
Evolution 286BNC Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 60 2-stage Some sizes qualify Parts
Evolution 286B Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 68 2-stage All sizes qualify Parts
Preferred 226A Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 70 2-stage All sizes qualify Parts
Preferred 225B Up to 16 Up to 9 As low as 68 1-stage All sizes qualify Parts
Preferred 226C Up to 17 Up to 9.5 As low as 67 1-stage All sizes qualify Parts
Preferred 224ANS Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 68 Compact Not qualified Parts
Legacy 215B Up to 15 Up to 8.5 As low as 69 1-stage All sizes qualify Parts
Legacy 214DNC Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 72 1-stage Not qualified Parts
Legacy 214D Up to 14 Up to 8.2 As low as 69 1-stage Not qualified Parts

Bryant Heat Pump Prices

The cost of Bryant heat pumps varies depending on region and installer.

If you search online you will find a myriad of differing prices. But you can’t rely on these unless you factor in the cost of a FAD.

Random prices posted on the internet range from $1,725 to $4,540 for the various systems. Installed prices quoted range from $5,170 to $10,500. We haven’t been able to validate any of these.

You can send your name, email, and other information to Bryant and ask which FAD is in your area. Then you will be able to estimate a cost based on a reliable installer.


Are Bryant heat pumps good?

Yes, they are very good. The company makes some of the best. The best SEER ratings are up to 24 and HSPF up to 13. A 20 5 SEER and 9 5 HSPF are way above average. There are many other features and advantages including very low noise levels.

How long does a Bryant heat pump last?

Every Bryant heat pump comes with a warranty that will cover you for at least ten years. The best has a unit replacement warranty too.

Are Carrier and Bryant heat pumps the same?

Yes, most of them are. Both companies make 17 models and only the cheapest model in each range is different. But prices are not the same. Most Carrier heat pumps are more expensive. 

Who makes Bryant heat pumps?

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems that makes Bryant heat pumps was started by Charles Bryant more than 100 years ago. Bryant still makes Bryant products!

Our Conclusion

Bryant has a good, solid range of products that offer solutions for every possible HVAC challenge.

We have focused on residential needs and have found that Bryant offers HVAC solutions for everyone. All their heat pumps come with different features including heating, cooling, reduced noise, and the ability to minimise humidity. It’s only the level that varies.

Also, the three heat pump series they offer come in a range of prices, ensuring that cost meets the needs of every budget.

Click here to check out the full range of products.