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My name is David Sheppard and I am the guy behind HvacJudge.

Welcome! And thank you for visiting. I really do appreciate it.

I strive to bring you easy to digest HVAC knowledge that you need to make the best choice for your home.

People often ask us why I started this website and are often surprised at the reason. Friends and family would ask for HVAC advice based on their own internet research. I was often surprised as some of the recommendations they had been given and some of the information they had gathered!

I spend some time looking at the websites and question and realised that there was a missing space for an impartial and knowledgeable hvac enthusiastic. That was the day HVACJudge was born.

I pride myself on being impartial and advising our readers like I would advice my friends and family.

I always love hearing from our readers, answering questions or even learning a thing or two from them. Just drop us a message on our contact us page if you’d like to get it touch.

Take care,