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Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews & Prices 2021

This is a thorough review of Lennox air conditioners in 2021.

This is a thorough review of Lennox air conditioners in 2021.

I’ve been an HVAC system specialist for more than 12 years. Air conditioners and heat pumps are my specialty.

I know how important HVAC and air conditioning systems are to homeowners. So, I’ve done some updated research into what’s available from Lennox. I have also researched Lennox HVAC prices to help you choose what’s right for your home.

The company is constantly improving its HVAC products, and when it launches new AC models it discontinues some older models. My Lennox air conditioner reviews cover all the established and new air conditioner models that are currently featured on their website.

Read on to get the lowdown now. I’m going to start with the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Lennox Air Conditioners


  • All models are highly energy efficient.
  • Most of their air conditioners are Energy Star qualified/certified.
  • Top models incorporate their Ultimate Comfort System with iComfort Wi-Fi Control.
  • Their variable-capacity compressors are top-notch.
  • Their advanced SunSource solar energy system gives opportunities for tax credits and rebates.


  • The top models are extremely expensive.
  • The company often uses proprietary parts rather than more affordable universal parts.

Lennox Air Conditioner Unique Features and Pros

At every level, this brand of air conditioners ranks very high in cooling and energy efficiency. The newest model has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of up to 28. Only one has a SEER under 14.

As a guide, the lowest SEER for most AC units is 14. Very few have a SEER of more than 25.

Almost all of the Lennox AC units currently on the market are Energy Star qualified.

The best air conditioners they offer incorporate the Ultimate Comfort System and iComfort S30 ultra-smart thermostat.

The design of the Ultimate Comfort System will keep your air clean and perfectly balanced.

Precise Comfort technology lets you maintain the temperature inside your home within 0.5 degrees of settings.

Silent Comfort technology results in very little noise.

The iComfort smart, energy-saving Wi-Fi thermostat keeps the HVAC system running perfectly. You can use it to control the system, and adjust and maintain temperatures. You can also make sure humidity levels are just as you want them to be.

The refrigerant Lennox uses for all its air conditioners does not contain chlorine. This makes it environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.

You can use this brand’s air conditioners with a Lennox air handler. You can also use it with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system or a heat pump for heating and cooling. 

When you combine an air conditioner with the Ultimate Comfort System with the right gas furnace, you will have a perfect heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.

Lennox Air Conditioner Cons

Cost is the main con I identified while researching for these Lennox air conditioner reviews.

If you want to get the best, most efficient air conditioner made by Lennox, you will pay a premium price.

I identified another con that affects the cost of some top-of-the-range Lennox brand air conditioners. They manufacture them with mostly proprietary parts.

Many other brands use universal parts including Copeland compressors made by Emerson in the U.S. These are more affordable and easier to source.

Lennox and Carrier use Copeland scroll compressors in their single-stage and two-stage central air conditioners.

Trane uses its Climatuff compressor that it makes in collaboration with Copeland. American Standard uses Duration, which is also a proprietary compressor.

Lennox AC Models

Lennox currently has 12 central air conditioner models listed on its website.

Like most central air conditioners, Lennox categorizes them into three series: basic, better, and best.

The Lennox Merit Series is the most basic while the Dave Lennox Signature Collection is the best Lennox offers.

The Elite Series is better than the Merit Series but not as precise, efficient, or quiet as the Signature Collection. It makes sense that the Signature Collection is named after the founder of the company, Dave Lennox!

These are the current models on the website. All pictures are copyright of Lennox. 

Series Model No. SEER Ratings Compressor Sound Ratings Energy Star
Signature SL28XCV 28 Variable 59 dB Yes
Signature XC25 26 Variable 59 dB Yes
Signature XC21 21 Two-stage 69 dB Yes
Signature SL18XC1 18.5 Single-stage 65 dB Yes
Elite XC20 20 Variable 65 dB Yes
Elite XC16 17.2 Two-stage 74 dB Yes
Elite EL18XCV 18 Variable 72 dB Yes
Elite EL16XC1 17 Single-stage 71 dB Yes
Elite XC13 15.5 Single-stage 74 dB No
Merit 16ACX 17 Two-stage 75 dB Yes
Merit ML14XC1 17 Single-stage 73 dB Yes
Merit 13ACX 13 Single-stage 76 dB No
Merit 14ACX 14 Single-stage 75 dB Yes
The Dave Lennox Signature Series
The Dave Lennox Signature Series

Lennox Signature SL28XCV

The 2021 new air conditioner, the SL28XCV, is the best in their high-efficiency Signature range.

And it’s new in 2021! When we did our Lennox  air conditioner reviews, none of the reviews Lennox had on the website mentioned this model. But there were a total of 30,692 reviews for the other 11 air conditioners in total. So watch this space

The energy-efficient air conditioner is the best in the Signature collection. It has a SEER rating of up to 28 and is one of the Most Efficient of Energy Star for 2021. There is no doubt that this air conditioning system is top of the line. 

The SL28XCV central AC unit has variable-capacity cooling and it uses an environmentally responsible refrigerant. Its sound rating is as low as 59 decibels (dB), which means it is very quiet.

It features Silent Comfort and iComfort-enabled technology.

Lennox Signature XC25

The XC25 is similar to the previous model but it has a 26 SEER rating. Other than that the product specifications are the same, including its efficiency rating and variable speed.

Highlights of the model include exact temperatures and a very quiet operation.

It was one of the Most Efficient of Energy Star air conditioners in 2020.

Lennox Signature XC21

Ranked as the most efficient Lennox two-stage central AC available, this model is also Energy Star qualified. It also features SilentComfort and iComfort-enabled technology. Because its compressor operates at two stages it is not a variable-speed machine, which makes it cheaper.   

It makes a little more noise than the SL28XCV and XC25, but still has a sound rating as low as 69 dB. Lennox air conditioner reviews rate it as the quietest multi-stage air conditioner available.

You can use it with the Lennox Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system to improve comfort levels even more.

It was also one of the Most Efficient of Energy Star air conditioners in 2020.

Lennox Signature SL18XC1

Quiet and efficient, this is a single-stage AC unit that is also cheaper than the two top-of-the-line Signature models.

Its SEER rating, at up to 18.5, isn’t as good, but it is remarkably quiet with a sound rating as low as 65 dB.

Like the other air conditioner models in the Dave Lennox Signature  Series, it features SilentComfort and iComfort-enabled technology.

The mid-range Elite Series

Lennox Elite XC20

The Elite XC20 has the highest SEER efficiency rating in this series. At up to 20, it rates even better than the Signature SL18XC1.

It is Energy Star qualified and in the same price range as the Signature XC21 and SL18XC1. Like the Signature SL18XC1, it has a sound rating as low as 65 dB.

It operates with variable capacity. So, there’s no surprise that it also incorporates SilentComfort and iComfort Wi-Fi technology. 

Lennox Elite XC16

Energy efficiency is also a feature of the Elite XC16. It has a two-stage compressor that enables multi-stage cooling.

Energy Star qualified and cheaper than the XC20, it has a SEER of up to 17.2. It has a sound rating as low as 75 dB which makes it noisier when it operates. It doesn’t incorporate the Comfort and SilentComfort technology that improves the operation of HVAC heating and cooling.

Lennox Elite EL18XCV

In the same price range as the XC16, the EL18XCV operates with a variable compressor. It is Energy Star qualified and has a SEER up to 18. It incorporates onboard diagnostic iComfort-enabled technology that gives you remote access to the thermostat.

Its sound rating is as low as 72 dB.

Lennox Elite EL16XC1

Energy Star qualified, with a SEER rating of up to 17, this Elite model incorporates SilentComfort technology.

It has a single-stage compressor and a sound rating as low as 71 dB.

Lennox Elite XC13

The XC13 is a single-stage machine that incorporates SilentComfort technology. The SEER is up to 15.5 and the sound rating is as low as 74 dB.

The basic Merit Series
The basic Merit Series

Lennox Merit 16ACX

Because this Merit series air conditioner has a multi-stage compressor, the ratings range from 14 to 17. Its sound rating is as low as 76 dB.

It is budget-friendly. It incorporates SilentComfort technology and is Energy Star certified.

Lennox Merit ML14XC1

The ML14XC1 is a single-stage machine that is Energy Star certified. It has a SEER up to 17 and a sound rating as low as 73 dB.

Lennox Merit 13ACX

The single-stage 13ACX has the lowest SEER of the currently available range of air conditioners. Its sound rating is as low as 76 dB. This makes it the noisiest AC unit of the brand – but not by much.

Lennox Merit 14ACX

This single-stage model is not available in all areas and is no longer featured on the Lennox website. We include it in our list because it is an energy-efficient, budget-friendly model. There’s no reason not to buy it if it is available where you live. 

The Merit 14ACX has a SEER rating of up to 14. Any air conditioner with a rating that meets or beats 14 SEER can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Its design works with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system.

Lennox Air Conditioner Prices and Price List

Lennox does not advertise the prices of its home air conditioners or any HVAC unit it makes. There are too many variables, including resale prices decided by the HVAC contractor.

The company does, though, state which units fit into price range categories; $$$$, $$$, $$, and $. It also states whether a unit qualifies for a tax credit.

Any customer who wants to know cost should get a quote from an HVAC dealer in their area. This will include the cost of the unit as well as installation.

While researching for these reviews, I found that individual air conditioner prices varied by $2,000 to almost $3,000. With installation included, the cost variation was sometimes more than $4,000.

A cost variant as high as this can be confusing in any kind of a guide. So, I have given you the price categories that a Lennox dealer offers. You will see that high-efficiency units generally cost more. The same does not apply to SEER ratings, although the 28 and 26 SEER units are the most expensive.

Series Model No. Price Category Tax Credit
Signature SL28XCV $$$$ Yes
Signature XC25 $$$$ Yes
Signature XC21 $$$ Yes
Signature SL18XC1 $$$ Yes
Elite XC20 $$$ Yes
Elite XC16 $$ Yes
Elite XC18XCV $$ Yes
Elite EL16XC1 $$ Yes
Elite XC13 $$ No
Merit 16ACX $ Yes
Merit ML14XC1 $ Yes
Merit 13ACX $ No

Lennox Air Conditioners Warranty

Lennox has limited warranties on all its top-of-line, mid-range, and basic series air conditioners. They go up to 10 years.

  • The Signature series machines come with 10 years limited warranty on covered components. This includes the compressor.
  • The Elite series air conditioners have a limited warranty on the compressor that runs for 10 years. There is a 5-year limited warranty on covered components. Any Elite unit may also qualify for the valuable 10-year limited extended warranty when you register the product.
  • Merit series units have a 5-year limited warranty on covered components, including the compressor. Merit AC units may be eligible for a limited extended warranty that covers them for a 10 year period of time.

You don’t have to register your air conditioner for the basic limited warranty. You will need to register for the extended limited warranty.

None of the warranties cover installation or maintenance on any HVAC cooling units.

I believe that the warranties the company offers are good. But many homeowners like to get a home warranty protection plan that covers repairs, replacement, and labor. The extra cost might be worth it regardless of whether your warranty runs for 5 or 10 years.

About Lennox

The founder of the company, Dave Lennox, introduced the world’s first riveted-steel furnace in 1895. Since then, the company has maintained his values of innovation, quality, and trust.

The headquarters of the company are in Richardson, Texas. They also have research and development facilities in Carrollton, also in Texas. They have a factory and a parts and a distribution center in different parts of Iowa. They also have a factory in Arkansas.

Heating, cooling, and all the HVAC products they make are available via a huge network of 6,000 independent dealers.

Who Can Install My Lennox AC?

A Lennox Premier Dealer must install your new AC.

The company has built up an exceptional network of dealers they can trust. Their number one rule is that every new unit must be properly installed and maintained by a licensed professional installer. He or she must follow the company’s instructions to the last letter.

All dealers are HVAC professionals who have the training required to ensure that the installation and maintenance of your unit is 100% perfect.

The bottom line is that they must all meet and exceed customer expectations and deliver top-quality service all the time.


Are Lennox air conditioners any good?

They are amongst the best in the world. They cost more but their efficiency is unquestionable. Proper installation is essential, so use a premier dealer that is certified by the company.

Is Lennox a good brand?

It is an excellent brand for all HVAC products. They have a worldwide reputation for top quality and reliability.

How long does a Lennox air conditioner last?

If you look at the warranty your AC comes with you know that it will last at least this many years. But even if you need to replace a component, you can be sure that the machine will keep running a lot longer than this. The U.S. Department of Energy says that the average lifespan for an AC system is between 15 and 20 years. Lennox is way above average. 

My Conclusion

Lennox is a top HVAC company that manufactures a leading brand of air conditioners. There are great choices for quality, efficiency, and affordability.

Other than the high price of the best series the company offers, there aren’t cons or caveats. You get what you pay for, so if you can afford a Signature Series machine, consider it carefully.

You’ll need to use a registered HVAC contractor to supply and do the installation and maintenance of your new AC. Whichever series machine you choose, I believe this is a benefit.

You can buy your Lennox air conditioner here.